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A tribute album to die-hard classic trance music composer Guido Hermans

A tribute album to die-hard classic trance music composer, Guido Hermans who has debuted a soulful catalogue via Club G Records.

18 original tracks and 140 minutes of pure trance music makes the album a landmark to get lost in, to discover his hidden treasures and to make your own playlists for whenever, wherever you want to play.

Guido also sent a message of love and truth to trance community through his album.
”Make your own music where your heart is at the moment and don’t follow trends or hypes. Don’t make music you even don’t like to fit in the worldwide EDM-scene.

Try to develop your own style and sound, because being a copycat is easier than stay true to yourself. The last option gives you also more satisfaction in the end than selling yourself for the money and the fame.

Follow your heart and do what you like the most, it’s adventure versus expectations again.”

The Guido Hermans Collection Tracklist:
01. Adventure Vs. Expectations
02. After Dawn
03. Arrived In The Mountains Of Madness
04. Enter The Void
05. Expedition Without Boundaries
06. Experimental Tales
07. Exploring The Atmosphere Of Wonderland
08. Genesis Of The Cosmos
09. Looking Back Over The Years
10. Mystical Harbour
11. One Way Ticket To Walhalla
12. Relocated To Another World
13. Space Invader
14. The Circle Of Life
15. The Galaxy
16. The Lost Land of Lemuria
17. The Power To Create (Original 90’s Tribute Mix)
18. Guido Hermans & John Poot – Focus