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This guide is primarly for artists without much experience in the music business. With this guide we want to make sure, you know what the requirements for a successful submission are and what’s happening after a successful submission.

Mastered or unmastered?

Club G Music accepts only already premastered songs strictly. Premastering is what most of the musicians today call mastering. Mastering in fact does describe the creation of a master – like a CD which is ready to get pressed in a factory. In fact it’s premastering what we sometimes simply call mastering – the process of loudness gain, perfectioning the stereo image and polish the sound so it’s sounds adequate on every audio environment: From radio over boomboxes to HiFi speakers and clubs.

Where to upload your demo?

We recommend you a simple way, directly straight to our email address: by using Wetransfer Or Upload the wave file (16bit or better) to a free host website such as: onedrive, google drive, dropbox…. and send us downloadable link.

Submit the demo!

Write an email to or/and drop it on the contact form below – make sure to include:
– Download link (private)
– Your short english bio
– Your contact details
Please bear in mind that your submission will not receive any feedback so far if you are sending your submission to too many labels at once.

How long should I wait for an answer?

Club G Music trying to give you a response within 3 days – if you’re not having an answer from us after 7 days, you should send us an email again – it’s possible that we didn’t receive your submission – probably it got filtered by our spam filters for any reasons. If we’re not interested in our music due to quality issues, we will try to tell you exactly what’s the reason as long as we’re having enough time to spend. At least you will get a message saying that we are not interested in publishing and releasing your submission.

Success Submission

You’ve been successful. You can expect a personal contact from us and an email containing some more information about the label and how we work – together with a list of files & information we need from you. After giving us these information we will send out a contract. After signing that contract we will start planning the release and the corresponding promotion.

I signed the contract: What now?

Your work for the moment is done. We will now schedule the release, in case re-mixers are interested in remix your original version and when everything is done, we will start the promo send out to our mailing list. Usually the promotional send out is done at least 1 month before the release date – even better up to 2 months before the release, as we use the feed-backs from renowned artists and especially the support from them for the marketing on the retails. We will always keep you up to date about the important parts of the release process.

Where will my releases be available?

We’re approved by almost all available aggregators & shops – only a few not fitting niche shops are missing. We ensure release on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Beatport, and many more.

If you still have questions regarding the whole process, feel free to send us an email:
We’re looking forward to your submission!

Did not receive a response from the A&R department in 2-4 business days?  Please re-submit your demo again via

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