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Firestarterz is willing to drop his second studio album ‘Everything Is Evolving’

Following the release and success of his first album Revolution, Firestarterz is getting back to his roots and pushing his producing skills hard. He had a breakthrough and the material that eventually bends the genre spectrum on this #EIE album.

Aside from his in-house production, Firestarterz collabs with Eric From Funk&Gonzo behind the boards on ‘I Don’t Wanna Go’ and Mousley who bring some of his strongest work on cuts like ‘Gasoline’ and ‘Nightmares Of A Monster’.

#EIE Tracklist:
1. Firestarterz – I Can’t Control Myself
2. Firestarterz – Everything is Evolving
3. Firestarterz – Forever
4. Firestarterz – Madness
5. Firestarterz – Killa Destruction
6. Firestarterz Feat. Mousley – Nightmares of a Monster
7. Firestarterz Feat. Eric From Funk&Gonzo – I Don’t Wanna Go
8. Firestarterz Feat. Mousley – Gasoline