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FireStarterz’s EIE album debuted at No.1 multiple charts

FireStarterz’s Everything Is Evolving Album featuring Mousley, Eric from Funk&Gonzo, breaks into the top 10 of multiple charts for 13 straight days now — debuted at No.1 Bigroom Chart; No.1 Dubstep Chart; No.2 Hiphop Chart (right behind the London superclub and nightlife icon’s release called #savefabric); No.12 House Chart and No.53 Overall.

A Big Thank You to All of You! Big Friends of FireStarterz, Justin Mousley and Eric from Funk&Gonzo, Center C Recordings and Club G Music. Obviously we can’t do it without YOU!!!

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#EIE Tracklist:
1. Firestarterz – I Can’t Control Myself
2. Firestarterz – Everything is Evolving
3. Firestarterz – Forever
4. Firestarterz – Madness
5. Firestarterz – Killa Destruction
6. Firestarterz Feat. Mousley – Nightmares of a Monster
7. Firestarterz Feat. Eric From Funk&Gonzo – I Don’t Wanna Go
8. Firestarterz Feat. Mousley – Gasoline

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