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Merger Announcement

It is with bittersweet emotions that we announce VLand Digital, a US-based record label will be discontinued and merged into G’United, as well as Belgium-based Estroid Records will be merged into EUsales Dance. The former Australia sub-label Trance Arena Music will be merged into Arena Music Recordings and will now become ‘Music Arena’.

In the age of streaming, it makes sense to operate with fewer label networks. But still represent a wide range of genres that are and have been a part of the Club G Music. Obviously we will also be highly focused on what other labels in the group. Both CGM publishing and licensing also remain valid for present and future.

As we strengthen our efforts and carry our mission into 2017, your continued support is very important to us. The Spirit of the Club G Music continues in instilling an incredible work ethic, we’ll be able to reach a wider audience and inspired music lovers. Look for more exciting news from us as the year progresses. And as always, we appreciate everything you do to support our artists and labels over the years.

Warmest Regards,
Club G Music MGMT-