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Thank you for all your continued support throughout the year


What a great year Club G Music had. We paved the road for many upcoming and talented artists to watch in the coming years. We could not have done this without YOU!

We greatly appreciate your willingness to support Club G Music, the labels, the releases, and the artists throughout the years. As we look to the New Year, we are readying ourselves for a new journey, and a whole bunch of super-talented new artists.

Thank you again for the incredible support, feedback, and love you have shown for Club G Music! We are excited to see what 2019 holds for us, and are thrilled to have you as a part of the journey.

With a lot of Love & Music,

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Club G Music announce new label managers to take over Deep Garden Recordings

Vinicius Dias and Bruno Merlin has vowed to play their parts in delivering on the expectations at Club G Music as Bruno Merlin begins his new role as the label manager of Deep Garden Recordings and Vinicius Dias begins his new role as the label manager of Deep Garden Recordings as well as Club G Music’s brand manager in Brazil.

The Brazilian die-hard Techno DJs and musicians, Vinicius Dias and Bruno Merlin will surely bring a wealth of experience to Deep Garden. It’s going to be an incredibly exciting couple of years to come here. They all give out of their emotional connections for the underground music and the experiences in this scene, and being able to bring that together to help Deep Garden.

Danny V, founder and managing director of Club G Music, said: “We are very happy to have both Vinicius Dias and Bruno Merlin onboard. We all know the importance of setting goals for Deep Garden in the coming years.”

He continued: “Without your support, underground music lovers, nothing will happen. Together, we will try to bring the best out of Deep Garden’s artists and deliver the best possible deep house, tech house, techno and minimal songs to you and the underground music community.”

“I am very happy and excited about the idea of exploring new possibilities in Brazil and new talents from everywhere in the world. I will do my best to meet expectations.” said Vinicius Dias.

Bruno Merlin added: “We are very happy to be part of this family, in search of underground artists. Deep Garden is now headquatered in Brazil.”

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We have stopped delivering “Exclusive Release” on Beatport

Dear G’Artists,

Please be informed that there’s no such thing called “Exclusive Release” for our forthcoming releases starting from 2018. No exception. Only Official Release, once and for all the retailers at the same time.

As you may already know, Beatport has recently offered a new pre-order function two weeks prior to the official release date. A pre-order start date indicates the date on which customers may begin previewing and ordering content prior to its official release. Customers who pre-order content will not receive the actual assets until the original release date.

Have a great weekend!

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FireStarterz’s EIE album debuted at No.1 multiple charts

FireStarterz’s Everything Is Evolving Album featuring Mousley, Eric from Funk&Gonzo, breaks into the top 10 of multiple charts for 13 straight days now — debuted at No.1 Bigroom Chart; No.1 Dubstep Chart; No.2 Hiphop Chart (right behind the London superclub and nightlife icon’s release called #savefabric); No.12 House Chart and No.53 Overall.

A Big Thank You to All of You! Big Friends of FireStarterz, Justin Mousley and Eric from Funk&Gonzo, Center C Recordings and Club G Music. Obviously we can’t do it without YOU!!!

Connect with FireStarterz via: FacebookTwitterSoundcloud

#EIE Tracklist:
1. Firestarterz – I Can’t Control Myself
2. Firestarterz – Everything is Evolving
3. Firestarterz – Forever
4. Firestarterz – Madness
5. Firestarterz – Killa Destruction
6. Firestarterz Feat. Mousley – Nightmares of a Monster
7. Firestarterz Feat. Eric From Funk&Gonzo – I Don’t Wanna Go
8. Firestarterz Feat. Mousley – Gasoline

Secure your own copies with beatport discount code: CYBERSALE for 50% OFF. https://www.beatport.com/release/everything-is-evolving-album/1888373

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Merger Announcement

It is with bittersweet emotions that we announce VLand Digital, a US-based record label will be discontinued and merged into G’United, as well as Belgium-based Estroid Records will be merged into EUsales Dance. The former Australia sub-label Trance Arena Music will be merged into Arena Music Recordings and will now become ‘Music Arena’.

In the age of streaming, it makes sense to operate with fewer label networks. But still represent a wide range of genres that are and have been a part of the Club G Music. Obviously we will also be highly focused on what other labels in the group. Both CGM publishing and licensing also remain valid for present and future.

As we strengthen our efforts and carry our mission into 2017, your continued support is very important to us. The Spirit of the Club G Music continues in instilling an incredible work ethic, we’ll be able to reach a wider audience and inspired music lovers. Look for more exciting news from us as the year progresses. And as always, we appreciate everything you do to support our artists and labels over the years.

Warmest Regards,
Club G Music MGMT-

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A tribute album to die-hard classic trance music composer Guido Hermans

A tribute album to die-hard classic trance music composer, Guido Hermans who has debuted a soulful catalogue via Club G Records.

18 original tracks and 140 minutes of pure trance music makes the album a landmark to get lost in, to discover his hidden treasures and to make your own playlists for whenever, wherever you want to play.

Guido also sent a message of love and truth to trance community through his album.
”Make your own music where your heart is at the moment and don’t follow trends or hypes. Don’t make music you even don’t like to fit in the worldwide EDM-scene.

Try to develop your own style and sound, because being a copycat is easier than stay true to yourself. The last option gives you also more satisfaction in the end than selling yourself for the money and the fame.

Follow your heart and do what you like the most, it’s adventure versus expectations again.”

The Guido Hermans Collection Tracklist:
01. Adventure Vs. Expectations
02. After Dawn
03. Arrived In The Mountains Of Madness
04. Enter The Void
05. Expedition Without Boundaries
06. Experimental Tales
07. Exploring The Atmosphere Of Wonderland
08. Genesis Of The Cosmos
09. Looking Back Over The Years
10. Mystical Harbour
11. One Way Ticket To Walhalla
12. Relocated To Another World
13. Space Invader
14. The Circle Of Life
15. The Galaxy
16. The Lost Land of Lemuria
17. The Power To Create (Original 90’s Tribute Mix)
18. Guido Hermans & John Poot – Focus

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Firestarterz is willing to drop his second studio album ‘Everything Is Evolving’

Following the release and success of his first album Revolution, Firestarterz is getting back to his roots and pushing his producing skills hard. He had a breakthrough and the material that eventually bends the genre spectrum on this #EIE album.

Aside from his in-house production, Firestarterz collabs with Eric From Funk&Gonzo behind the boards on ‘I Don’t Wanna Go’ and Mousley who bring some of his strongest work on cuts like ‘Gasoline’ and ‘Nightmares Of A Monster’.

#EIE Tracklist:
1. Firestarterz – I Can’t Control Myself
2. Firestarterz – Everything is Evolving
3. Firestarterz – Forever
4. Firestarterz – Madness
5. Firestarterz – Killa Destruction
6. Firestarterz Feat. Mousley – Nightmares of a Monster
7. Firestarterz Feat. Eric From Funk&Gonzo – I Don’t Wanna Go
8. Firestarterz Feat. Mousley – Gasoline

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Polish music producer Man En Trance announces solo album “Far Away”

Polish music producer Man En Trance have announced his first studio album, “Far Away.” The eponymous debut is out December 9th via Club G Records. The 11-track album includes his favourite songs “We Are Trance Nation” and the remix of the one and only Vivaldi “Presto” (From Concerto No.2) It is jam packed with all the ingredients required to form a truly epic uplifting piece of music.

“Far Away” is hardly surprising that you listen to tracks like these which have such depth and imagination to them. If there was ever an album that could be described as a dark uplifter then this would most definitely be it. Not to mention, this album contains 3 Darkside mixes and 4 incredible Retro mixes. It has the typical dramatic piece in the middle that we have come to expect from the album.

You could just while away the hours whilst reading your favourite novel with “Far Away” playing in the background. A stunning composition!

Far Away Tracklist
01. Clockwork Memory (Darkside Mix)
02. Superspring (Darkside Mix)
03. Chronicles Of Cyberpunk (Darkside Mix)
04. Voyager One
05. We Are Trance Nation (Retro 90s Mix)
06. Moli Went To The Rainbow Bridge (Retro Club Rotation Mix)
07. In Motion (Retro Club Rotation Mix)
08. Push And Rush (Retro Club Rotation Mix)
09. Far Away
10. Chronicles Of Cyberpunk
11. Vivaldi – Presto (Man En Trance Summer Mix) (Bonus Track)


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Firestarterz ‘Revolution’ album debuted at No.1 Beatport HipHop Chart

A small label to compare with the rest of the world-class labels such as Ultra, Owsla, Mad Decent or Dim Mak in its genre. But Center C Recordings has one of the most talented guys in its genre: FireStarterz.

Firestarterz ‘Revolution’ album debuted at No.1 Beatport HipHop Chart. Combining Trap, Dubstep and Hip Hop with EDM festival drops and melodies. The #Revolution album keeps the energy level high and the dance floor moving. A variety of sounds and vibes keep the album fresh from beginning to end. With new music constantly coming out and playing shows across the USA. It is no wonder why Firestarterz is quickly becoming recognized as one of the top rising artists to watching for in 2015-2016.

A big thank you to all of you! Big Friends of FireStarterz, Center C Recordings and Club G Music. This is one of the best christmas gifts ever for us.

Firestarterz ‘Revolution’ album now available to download at iTunes, Beatport, Amazon

Connect with Firestarterz via: FacebookTwitterSoundcloud

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Club G Music just launched its 14th record label: G’United

Club G Music just announced the launch of its 14th record label. G’United was first hinted in 2014, and now it’s official.

G’United label founded by Danny V, Club G Music’s managing director. At the crossroads of individuality and originality of music from all around the world. An artist home for a diverse roster of acts who prefer to work outside the major label system. G’United is ready to meet the demand of the entertainment industry and remains dedicated to connecting new electronic music generation to listeners. Let’s put the focus on commercial dance music. We are searching for the list of prominent artists.

We are family oriented, all members believe in instilling an incredible work ethic. The label’s mission is based on the passion for music and ability to interpret words with sound. Stay tuned for future releases on the accomplishments of such a great phenomenon.

We would like to thank all generous supporters including the audience, customers, artists, business partners and label’s staffs. G’United hopes to be able to reach global audience of dance music lovers and future prospects directly and spread the word about this new and exciting business venture.

G’United are actively looking for talented artists to DISCOVER THE NEW WORLD SOUND™. We’re always interested in working with passionate and professional people. If you are interested in working with us, please email our A&R team at demos@clubgmusic.com. The best place to start is with your email Subject: i’United!

Connect with us via social pages:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gunited2015
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gunited2015

And don’t forget to subscribe our youtube channel for the love of G’United!

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