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Club G Music just launched its 14th record label: G’United

Club G Music just announced the launch of its 14th record label. G’United was first hinted in 2014, and now it’s official.

G’United label founded by Danny V, Club G Music’s managing director. At the crossroads of individuality and originality of music from all around the world. An artist home for a diverse roster of acts who prefer to work outside the major label system. G’United is ready to meet the demand of the entertainment industry and remains dedicated to connecting new electronic music generation to listeners. Let’s put the focus on commercial dance music. We are searching for the list of prominent artists.

We are family oriented, all members believe in instilling an incredible work ethic. The label’s mission is based on the passion for music and ability to interpret words with sound. Stay tuned for future releases on the accomplishments of such a great phenomenon.

We would like to thank all generous supporters including the audience, customers, artists, business partners and label’s staffs. G’United hopes to be able to reach global audience of dance music lovers and future prospects directly and spread the word about this new and exciting business venture.

G’United are actively looking for talented artists to DISCOVER THE NEW WORLD SOUND™. We’re always interested in working with passionate and professional people. If you are interested in working with us, please email our A&R team at demos@clubgmusic.com. The best place to start is with your email Subject: i’United!

Connect with us via social pages:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gunited2015
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gunited2015

And don’t forget to subscribe our youtube channel for the love of G’United!

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Invest in your music career

Why you need to invest in your music career?

Want to make money from your music or building your career, but don’t want to invest in making that happen? It simply doesn’t work like that. Let’s make one thing clear: If you want to take your music career past the ‘making music in your bedroom’ stage (And start making money), you shall need to invest in it. It really is as simple as that. While finding that money to invest isn’t easy for everyone, it’ll happen sooner or later.

Here are some of the costs you may, and probably will, includings:

  • Your own music education
  • Yourself studio time or ghost production
  • Your own website
  • Photo shoots
  • Cover artwork creation
  • Music video creation
  • Any promotional materials
  • Travelling costs to and from gigs

All of the above listed things are mandatory for your music career. No ifs, no buts, there are things that need to be invested into. As well as these neccessary expenses if you want to take things to next levels.

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