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Polish music producer Man En Trance announces solo album “Far Away”

Polish music producer Man En Trance have announced his first studio album, “Far Away.” The eponymous debut is out December 9th via Club G Records. The 11-track album includes his favourite songs “We Are Trance Nation” and the remix of the one and only Vivaldi “Presto” (From Concerto No.2) It is jam packed with all the ingredients required to form a truly epic uplifting piece of music.

“Far Away” is hardly surprising that you listen to tracks like these which have such depth and imagination to them. If there was ever an album that could be described as a dark uplifter then this would most definitely be it. Not to mention, this album contains 3 Darkside mixes and 4 incredible Retro mixes. It has the typical dramatic piece in the middle that we have come to expect from the album.

You could just while away the hours whilst reading your favourite novel with “Far Away” playing in the background. A stunning composition!

Far Away Tracklist
01. Clockwork Memory (Darkside Mix)
02. Superspring (Darkside Mix)
03. Chronicles Of Cyberpunk (Darkside Mix)
04. Voyager One
05. We Are Trance Nation (Retro 90s Mix)
06. Moli Went To The Rainbow Bridge (Retro Club Rotation Mix)
07. In Motion (Retro Club Rotation Mix)
08. Push And Rush (Retro Club Rotation Mix)
09. Far Away
10. Chronicles Of Cyberpunk
11. Vivaldi – Presto (Man En Trance Summer Mix) (Bonus Track)