Tomorrow Trance Vol. 07

Various Artists

Project Details

Various Artists - Tomorrow Trance Vol. 07Digital Download - StreamingCatalog: TT07Label: Club G MusicArtists: Guido Hermans, John Poot, M.Anh, Nakhiya, Fury System, Airforlife, Tran Trung Duc, Man En Trance, Kriztian Krooz, Areia, Alex KravTracklist:01. Guido Hermans - Trip To Nomans Land02. John Poot - Bipolarity (Black & White)03. M.Anh - Athena04. Nakhiya - A Beautiful Place To Be05. Fury System - New Hope06. Airforlife Feat. Tran Trung Duc - Vampire (Extended Mix)07. Guido Hermans - Wake Up Call08. Man En Trance - In Motion (Retro Club Rotation Mix)09. Kriztian Krooz Pres. Areia - Opuntia10. Alex Krav - Make Believe

Project Description

One of the best music types in the world. Trance puts people into a dreamy and uplifting mood. In this compilation, you shall find out 10 beautiful trance tunes to listen at home or wherever you go!

The Seventh volume of Club G Music’s Tomorrow Trance Series featuring many of the characteristics of classic trance. We face tons of commercial trance tunes every day. And now it’s time to sit back and enjoy some serious tunes.

Look out for our classic, uplifting, progressive and vocal tracks from this magnificent series that will give the perfect spectrum of trance lovers just can’t be without!

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