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Stems – The world of DJing has changed forever.

What is the Stems ?
A Stem file is an open, multi-channel audio file that contains a track split into four musical elements: bass, drums, vocals, and the melody. The original stereo master of the track is included in the file as the ‘fifth’ stem.
The files are encoded using a 256bit AAC codec which generates a very high quality (mp4) audio file which is compatible for playback on a very wide variety of software and hardware.

A new generation of DJ controllers allows you to manipulate the individual elements of the track to create unique DJ sets. For example, in a live mix you can selectively use the vocal from one track on top of another track, or switch the basslines between two different tracks. These stem elements can also be used to produce or enhance your own tracks.

The Game has Changed
Have you ever wished you could isolate a vocal from one track and seamlessly place it on top of another? Have you ever wanted to effortlessly switch bass lines and drum patterns in the middle of a mix? Well with the latest open multi-track audio format ‘Stems’, creatively minded DJs and producers can remix on the fly with the minimum of fuss.

The new Stems file format allows the user to freely interact with each tracks separate musical elements. This means you can isolate vocals, drums and bass lines for your Stems files, opening up a new world of possibilities to create mixes, mashups and instrumentals in real time.

Learn all about Stems and get your questions answered at stems-music.com – the official online resource for the new audio format.


H/T: Native-Instruments / Traxsource / Junodownload