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Discover The New World Soundâ„¢

An independent records company, representing various genres of electronic and dance music. Established in 2012, Club G Music has formed itself as record labels and brands in music, publishing and licensing, artist and talent agency.

For the love of music that lead us to our destination. The company's strength comes from ten years of experience working with leading international partners, releasing two thousand of singles, eps and albums.

Club G Music is family oriented, all members believe in instilling an incredible work ethic. Our mission is based on the passion for music and ability to interpret words with sound. Stay tuned for future updates on the accomplishments of such a great phenomenon.

Club G Music Logo

My Dear,

With your active participation, Club G Music has restarted its musical journey again!

In a world full of beautiful songs. Thank you for being our valued supporters. Thank you to all our artists who have played a critical role in contributing to Club G Music's relaunch. This is a laudable example of dedication to delivering when it is most necessary.

My best wishes to you and your family!

Danny V.

Since 2012