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Club G Music is an independent records company with several record labels, representing a wide variety types of electronic music. Club G Music is family oriented, all members believe in instilling an incredible work ethic. Our mission is based on the passion for music and ability to interpret words with sound. Club G Music hopes to be able to reach an audience of music lovers and future prospects directly and spread the word about this new and exciting business venture. Stay tuned for future updates on the accomplishments of such a great phenomenon.

  • All
  • Disco
  • Downtempo
  • EDM
  • Garage
  • Hardcore
  • Hip Hop
  • House
  • Techno
  • Trance
  • icny
  • GUnited
  • Vland2
  • tr
  • tam
  • mgr
  • gng
  • g hard
  • ED
  • est
  • dgrec
  • cgrec
  • cgm
  • Center C
  • AMR


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Promo Packages

Press releases can produce major benefits in marketing and PR, even if they don’t achieve placements in major media outlets. If you’re publishing press releases, driving discovery of those carefully crafted messages is a crucial part of the strategy. Using a commercial Club G Music Press service to distribute different elements of content can give campaigns a boost and bring new audiences into the fold. Club G Music Press service is the best fit for your career, your brand, and your plans. There are a num­ber of questions you should ask to make certain your Club G Music Press choice truly matches your particular needs. For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via:

Music Licensing

A Dance Music Library

Once you’ve found that perfect track, you’ll need to decide on which license suits your project. The terms for all of our licenses are below. If you don’t see one that meets your needs, we recommend that you contact our representative who can discuss your needs and how we can help you via We’d be happy to create a custom license for you!

  • Synchronization
  • $99*Per Project
    • Advertisements
    • Movies
    • Multimedia
    • Events
    • Games
    • *Fees vary according to the needs of your project.

  • More Details
  • PerformanceDaily - Monthly - Annually*
  • $99*Per Project
    • Business establishments
    • Day & Nightclubs, Bars & Grills
    • Multimedia
    • Live performances
    • Meetings & Conventions
    • Ringtones
    • *Fees vary according to the needs of your project.

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  • Other Licenses
  • $0.99*Per Unit
    • Master Recording License
    • Mechanical License
    • Print License
    • Theatrical License
    • Royalty-free
    • *Fees vary according to the needs of your project.

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